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theLIFEBOARD is the weekly planner that helps you organise your weeks, plan your goals, track your habits, and analyse your progress without getting in your way.

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How it works

Make it simple: follow our 6 steps to success

Choose simplicity over complexity. Define your goals and habits and start working towards them, tracking your progress and find new ways to improve every week


Define Goals & Habits

What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to become? The answers to these questions are the foundation of your Goals and Habits. "Without a goal, you can not score".

Plan your first Week

Define your priority for the week, a statement you'll use to maintain your focus. Choose the start and end date and create your first tasks.

Track your progress

Update your progress regularly and keep yourself motivated. Complete the tasks related to your Goals and tick your Habits as soon as you do them.

Help from the Library

Are you losing motivation? Need help organising yourself? In our Library, you will find categorized hand-picked resources to help you keep a steady progress.

Review and improve

At the end of the Week, take some time to reflect and analyse. Take notes of your wins and identify weaknesses to improve every week.

Plan the next Week

The process restarts every week because consistency leads to progress, develops routines and builds momentum. Show up every week and you will see awesome results.


Everything you need to make the change

Goals + Habits

Setting up long term Goals is a great way to start changing your life and increase your willpower and self-discipline. Developing good Habits will last and will allow you to exceed your Goals.

Easy tracking

The best way to track your progress is to quantify it. Check the number of tasks completed, pending and in progress, when did you start, milestones and more. Look back to realise how far you've gone.

The Ceremony

The key in the process. You will look back and forward. You'll learn valious lessons every week which you'll apply to the next one. Create you own productivity framework based on your experience and self-knowledge.

Tools & Resources

We're here to help. We've selected and organized a ton of articles, exercises, videos, and other resources to help you. Have you found something useful? Send it to us and we'll include it!

Privacy focused

Your data is yours and only yours. We will never share any of your data with third parties, advertising companies etc... We don't store unnecessary cookies in your browser or track you across the web in any way.

What makes it special?

Our main focus was to build something easy to use, that doesn't stay in your way and that becomes your own place to reflect. No distractions, likes or notifications. Just you, your goals, your habits and your lessons learned.

Calendar free

In theLIFEBOARD you define a plan for the week but how you action it is up to you. Because we all have busy lives and we know plans can change at any minute. Progress whenever you can and don't become a slave of your calendar.


We know it's very easy to lose motivation and quit working towards your goals after a bad day or week. theLIFEBOARD helps you focus putting your motivations upfront so you keep progressing towards your life goals and habits.

Avoid burnout

Comparing yourself with other people is not fair and can make you downsize your own progress. In theLIFEBOARD you will only compare your progress with your previous weeks because life is not a productivity race.

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Frequently asked questions

theLIFEBOARD is a weekly planner that helps you achieve your Goals and create new Habits. It encourages you to plan your weeks defining your priorities and, complete a review ceremony at the end. Tracking your progress is one of the best ways to achieve your Goals, avoid burnout and stick to new Habits.

theLIFEBOARD is a passion project for us. We've been following the methodology behind it for years and it has helped us achieve a ton of goals and learn a lot about ourselves. That's why we decided to create an app and share it ๐Ÿ˜Š

You should receive your invite in a couple of minutes. If you can't find it in your inbox, make sure to check the Spam folder just in case. If you are still unable to find it, sent us a message from contact page and we will find a way to send it to you ๐Ÿ˜Š

You can install theLIFEBOARD in your smartphone as a Progressive Web App. PWA's behave as a native apps and can be installed directly from you phone web browser. Once installed theLIFEBOARD will appear in your phone home screen as any other app ๐Ÿ˜‰

theLIFEBOARD is currently on early access and all functionalities are free to use while we finish developing all its features. Once it's oficially launched, there will be a free tier with limited functionalities and a paid tier with no restrictions. We'll offer early access users a special discount โœŒ๏ธ

Do you have any other question? Check out the Help page or send us a message ๐Ÿค™

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