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Hello world! We are launching our blog

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Welcome to theLIFEBOARD blog where you'll find tips to help you be more productive, organise your weeks, mange your tasks and work smarter.

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We've finally made it! We're launching our blog!

Starting a blog was one of the first things we wanted to do when we first thought about building theLIFEBOARD but we've been focused on the product and adding new features and the idea of creating original content started to fell down in our list of priorities.

With the new website redesign, we gave it another thought and we think now it's the right time. Productivity, organization and motivation are topics we're passionate about and the main reason we started developing our own productivity framework, the one that powers theLIFEBOARD.

As we've described in the about us page, a few years ago we decided to radically change our day-to-day, defined a list of long-term goals, and started planning and tracking our weeks. Every Sunday we planned and reviewed our weeks finding ways to improve, work smarter, define new milestones, and organizing ourselves in a better way. This proved to be a very easy and almost frictionless way to complete hard or long-term goals and after seeing the results, I decided to work on an app that became theLIFEBOARD.

In this blog, you'll find lessons that we've learned over the past years, tips to be more productive, how to organize your weeks, work smarter, and many more things.

We hope you join us and enjoy the ride 😊

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