theLIFEBOARD is a weekly planner that helps you achieve your Goals and create new Habits.

Organising your weeks and tracking them is one of the best ways to achieve your Goals and stick to new Habits.

theLIFEBOARD is a passion project for us. We've been following the methodoloy used on it for years and it has helped us achieve a ton of goals and know ourselves a lot better so we've decided to share it 😊

No. theLIFEBOARD has been free for early access users and we've kept it free for any user that registered before the official launch. If you're one of them, we can't thank you enough 😊

Most free apps out there sell your data to advertisers, we don't do that. That means that in order to keep things running, pay for the servers, and the time we invest in the project, we need to charge a small fee.

You can try theLIFEBOARD for free with our free trial. If you become a paid user but you decide to stop using theLIFEBOARD later on, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

We think theLIFEBOARD offers a great combination of features that can help you achieve you goals. Combining goals and habits and planning and reviewing each week has proved to be a very effective method for us so we're sure it'll be super helpful for you too 😊

In addition, we'll never share your data with advertisers or any third party as stated in our privacy policy, and you'll be supporting an independent company (learn more about us) ✌️

You can install theLIFEBOARD in your smartphone as a Progressive Web App. PWA's behave as a native apps and can be installed directly from you phone web browser. Once installed theLIFEBOARD will appear in your phone Home screen πŸ˜‰


Goals are the big things to work for and accomplish in life.

You can create new Goals from the Goals&Habits page. You just need to enter a name and the target date. Additionally you can include the follwing fields:

  • Description: More specific details about your goal.
  • Why: You can use this statement as a motivation if you have doubts or lose confidence.
  • Milestones: Important steps you'll have to complete to achieve your Goal.

A Milestone is a significant stage or event in the development of something. In theLIFEBOARD you can add Milestones when creating or updating a new Goal.

Setting up milestones can be useful for long term goals that are achieved throughout a long process.

A Habit is something that you want to start doing often and regularly. In theLIFEBOARD, Habits are actions you plan to do multiple times per week, for example read a few pages before going to bed or exercise four times a week.

You can create new Habits in the Goals&Habits page. You'll have to enter a name and the number of times per week you plan to do the Habit. If you have a Week in progress, you'll be able automatically include the new Habit to the Week in progress.

When creating a new Habit, you can indicate the reason why you want to start it. You can use this statement as a motivation if you have doubts or lose confidence.

Goals are something specific that you want to achieve once and have a deadline whilst Habits are something you plan to do multiple times (usually per week) and you'll keep doing as they have no deadline.

See below some examples:


  • Run a marathon
  • Write a book
  • Find a new job


  • Eat fruit everyday
  • Read before going to bed
  • Meditate after waking up

theLIFEBOARD main characteristic is that it helps you organise your weeks. During a week, you'll complete Tasks related to your Goals and check your Habits.

Although weeks are 7 days by default, you can modify the dates during the Week Review Ceremony.

Tasks are actions related to a Goal, small steps you can do to get you closer to it.

In theLIFEBOARD, we recommend you to add some Tasks at the beginning of your Week, things small enough that you can complete in a day or two.

Breaking your long term goals into small tasks will make things a lot easier to achieve.

When creating a Task, you can include it in the current week or save it as pending for future weeks.

At the end of each week you'll review your progress. In the Week Review you'll see the number of Tasks and Habits you've completed and you'll get a week score. In addition, you'll be able to reflect and save your wins and how you could improve.

After your week review, you'll plan the week ahead by indicating your priorities, dates, and the list of habits and tasks for the following week.

Do you have any other question? Check out our user guides, or send us a message πŸ€™

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