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How to do a useful week review

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In theLIFEBOARD we encourage users to review each week. In this guide we explain every step of the week review ceremony so you can make the most out of it

As you may know already, theLIFEBOARD goes week by week. We experienced that it is the most effective and productive way of working and reviewing. It would be exhausting to plan and review your tasks and goals every single day and it would be to misleading doing it monthly.

So, at the end of every week you will go through what we call “The Ceremony”. Don’t be afraid, you won’t have to speak in public 😅, it simply is a reflection time with yourself and we wanted to honour it with a robust name.

In this closing step you will review your habits, the tasks you added, look back to learn from the previews days and plan the week ahead.

The Ceremony will come up automatically when the week is due in your dashboard.

Check your previous week

If you don’t check your habits every day, this is the time. Tick the days that you have completed your habits.

Think about your accuracy on planning. Are you overloading your life with too many habits and being unrealistic? or are you the achievement master and you could sneak in some more?

Your call!

Review your tasks and milestones and mark everything you completed.

Lessons Learned

On the next screen you have a score of your week based on the number of habits and tasks that you have done. The good thing about it is that in theLIFEBOARD we dont compare your numbers to anyone else other than yourself. So just need to try to be a better version every week.

Scrolling down you will find the essence of the ceremony. It is the moment when you look back and review what you have done.

It is very powerful to ask yourself why you have accomplish every tasks or why you didn’t complete any. Learn from the past will give you the tools to do better in the future.

Plan your next week

Start by choosing the start and end dates. It will be a week by default, however you may want to extend it or short it if you are going to be on holidays, or simply will have a blocker that week that will make you postpone it.

Then establish your priorities for the new week. It doesn’t have to be very detailed, just a sentence that will give you a brief insight of what you want to achieve that week.

At last but not least, chose what area you would like to enforce with our library. It is a bunch or curated resources available to help you and it'll be available in your dashboard.

Time for a fresh start

In the last step, you'll put all the knowledge and the lessons learn on the table.

  1. Choose your habits for the week: remember the first step and be realistic.

  2. Pending tasks: Review the uncompleted tasks goal by goal, you may want to include some of them in your current week.

That’s it! You have started your new week.

Now go to your dashboard and start adding tasks.

Good luck!

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