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Create and manage your Habits

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All you need to know about habits in theLIFEBOARD: what they are, how to create and manage them and a few tips.

Habits are a very good trick of the brain to help us save energy by automating tasks. They are small decisions that we make every day such as having a tea in the morning, close the door when we leave home etc.

However, they need some sort of repetition to stick and help us to get our goals. A very good strategy to achieve goals is to identify ourselves with a person who is where we want to get and start establishing their habits.

For example; if you want to run a marathon, just think what a good runner would do:

  • Running twice a week (Tuesday and Friday)
  • Drink a protein shake mid-afternoon everyday
  • 20 min of stretches before breakfast everyday
  • 15 min of core workout every Saturday

How to create habits in theLIFEBOARD

Now that you know how important the habits are, lets going to learn how to do them with in theLIFEBOARD.

  1. You will have everything you need on the Goals/Habits page. From there you will be able to create your Habits.

  2. Click on create a new habit and a new window will be opened. Here is where all of your positive intentions become a habit. First of all, name you new Habit and establish its frequency. At this stage you could include it on the current week and start working straight away or just keep it in the pantry for later.

TIP: If you want a habit stick, make it easy and very specific. Start small and keep growing.

Video indicates how to create habits in theLIFEBOARD
  1. On the following part of this window, you will find the 2 most important questions regarding your habit. They are the key to make it work.
  • Why do you want to do your habit?
  • When do you plan to do it? Making the time in advance makes you visualize the scenario and it will be easier to perform.

TIP: Don’t stay on the surface, go deeper and find that emotional reason that moves you. That will be what keeps you motivated.

And... that’s it. You are ready to go.

TIP: do it before or just after another habit that you already have.

Keep track of your habits

If you are a daily-organised person, you will be able to tick your habits off every day in the week page. Don’t worry if you forget to do it, at the ceremony you will have the opportunity to review your habits and tick them any day you forgot.

Video indicates how to check habits in theLIFEBOARD

Once you finish reviewing your past week, at the ceremony you will be able to choose the habits you want to include on the week ahead of you.

How to manage your habits

Once a habit is created you could edit, pause or delete them just clicking on the three dots button of the habit you want to manage and will see a menu with the 3 options.

That’s all! Easy right? Now is your turn.

PS: If you have any question, feel free to send us a message from the contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible 😉

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